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The Strange Case of a Dartmoor

It seems to rather befit an outfit with a slightly dualistic nature (think hedonistic party boys who also happen to produce some of the country’s finest wines)

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Henschke : latest releases

Stephen Henschke was in Auckland to show the latest Henschke releases. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to taste some of Australia’s finest wines so hot footed it to O’Connell Street…


Yealands PGR

Familiar to lovers of Alsace wine, a bottle labelled Gentil will (traditionally) be a field blend of mainly riesling, muscat and/or gewurztraminer with the balance made up of sylvaner, chasselas…

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Week 44

An odd sort of a week. Bingo cut his paw swimming in Orakei Basin and was ordered to rest all week and wear a collar to prevent him from nibbling his…

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Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay

All too many wine reviews seem to read like a nurseryman’s catalogue, incorporating a seemingly endless list of adjectives. Maybe understandable if the wine deserves it but what about when…

writers block

The Writer’s Block

I first met Brendan Seal when he worked at Denbies Vineyard over in the UK. We had a chat about Bacchus, a grape variety about which I knew almost nothing,…


Dry River : Autumn Release 2014

Wilco Lam brought the Dry River 2014 Autumn Release tasting to Auckland, so I boxed on over to the Parnell Rose Garden on Sunday morning to taste the newest wines.…