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Hippies, unite here

  Human life depends upon the soil and yet we abuse it, degrade it, pour endless indelible chemicals upon it and suck the very life from it. Crazy, no? And yet apparently it’s people who practise organic and biodynamics who are the crazy ones. Yes that’s right, it’s those people who nurture, value and place… Read More »

One for the soul

Wine, balm for so many and so much. Dark days might send the majority scurrying for the embrace of any calmly cool white or warmly welcoming red to hand, but a stress-induced need for a drink turns me into a curiously specific wine hunter. I rummage in boxes from here to there, not knowing what… Read More »

The Writer’s Block

I first met Brendan Seal when he worked at Denbies Vineyard over in the UK. We had a chat about Bacchus, a grape variety about which I knew almost nothing, to be told by Brendan that he ‘wasn’t sure he knew a lot about it either’.