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2014 Trinity Hill Homage Syrah

One thing I have found through teaching wine courses is that students who are new to wine bring a refreshing perspective to the way they describe it. Wine should be described in an evocative (but hopefully pretention-free) way and we shouldn’t feel shackled by use of conventional anglo-saxon lexicon.

2013 BusHHawke Vineyard Fiano

When a package arrived from Hawke’s Bay, I was surprised to unwrap a bottle of Fiano. I wasn’t aware there was any planted in NZ but remembered the words of advice given to me when I moved here, ‘everything’s available, you just have to know where to look’.

Two Hawke’s Bay reds

No sooner had I shut the taxi door than the driver started a conversation. Discovering I wrote about wine, he complained that all critics recommend wines with big price tags

Two Friday night syrahs

On reflection, I think it was a seminal moment last Friday night when my husband looked at me and said : “I think I prefer the Trinity Hill”. Despite being together over twenty years, throughout which time he has drunk some of the world’s greatest wines, JR retains an amateur interest in the subject I… Read More »

You say tomato, I say Te Mata

It seems to be mandatory when discussing Te Mata Estate to start by mentioning that they are New Zealand’s oldest winery and then to say they produce the illustrious, Bordeaux-like Coleraine. So that being out of the way, I can now comment on what really struck me at Te Mata’s recent Showcase 2010 tasting: the… Read More »

Elephant Hill Winery : a brace of syrah

Since returning from the Hawke’s Bay Syrah Symposium in January, I have spent a bit of time pondering on the emerging style of NZ syrah. It was certainly clear from the comments of overseas journalists (especially the UK ones) they regarded NZ syrah, especially from Waiheke and HB, as the next ‘big thing’. Last week… Read More »