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Yealands PGR

Familiar to lovers of Alsace wine, a bottle labelled Gentil will (traditionally) be a field blend of mainly riesling, muscat and/or gewurztraminer with the balance made up of sylvaner, chasselas and pinot blanc.

The Chosen One?

That Marlborough sauvignon blanc is the engine room of the country’s wine is a given. But in a typically New Zealand fashion, we seem to both be extremely proud and incredibly dismissive of the grape and style.

2011 Jules Taylor Marlborough Pinot Noir

The focus on individual regions at Pinot 2013 afforded a great opportunity to meet winemakers but not (for me at least) a great opportunity to taste wine properly. I have never mastered the whole glass/booklet/pen/spittoon juggling act nor, more importantly, the ability to taste and make an honest assessment under the watchful (and sometimes, extremely… Read More »

Sea Level Wines

Sam Smail’s main occupation is as winemaker for Whitehaven Wines but he also owns Sea Level, a label that allows him to make small parcel wines