Mahi : New Releases

By | 11/06/2017

Reading the notes that accompanied these new releases, I was surprised to learn Mahi’s symbol is not, as I always thought, a snail but instead a representation of the NZ fern frond. As we know, you learn something new every day.

Winemaker (and owner) Brian Bicknell  doesn’t produce wines that are the most exuberant to found in Marlborough, preferring instead to focus on texture and complexity. The sort of wines that pique your interest and have you reaching for a second and then a third glass. I liked these two new releases very much indeed. Plenty of appeal and charm, well priced and a lovely representation of Marlborough.

2016 Mahi Sauvignon Blanc    $22.90
Very vivid snowpea, freshly squeezed lime and lemon on the nose with a hint of wet stone/chalk. The palate is crisp, tight and textural – there is a subtle yet complex layer of biscuit and grapefruit pith, the touch of barrel ferment contributing a tempting savoury edge to the flavours. Succulent acidity and a lovely bone dry finish.

2015 Mahi Pinot Noir    $34.90
An exotic aroma; vibrant red cherry and wild raspberry, almost reaching into
damson plum territory. There is a cinnamon spice edge which suggests. some stems were included. The palate is silky and ripe, the tannins beautifully judged. A background of oak sits well alongside the fruit. There is enough density and complexity to engage the mind yet the wine retains a strong degree of cheerful drinkability.

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