Champagne Pol Roger

By | 09/05/2010

Pol Roger NVSometimes I can decide whether Jane’s and my friendship has been (thus far) so successful and enduring because we are more similar than we would like to think, or because we are so far apart it is the proverbial opposites attracting. Whichever it is, I have come to accept that she will just never love Champagne in the same way as do I. While this is in many ways a good thing, as I get to scoff more from any shared bottles, it is also a source of frustration in that the person with whom I most enjoy discussing wine also happens to get a slightly pained expression whenever I expound the joys to be had from this most noble of wines.
However, though slightly philistine she may be in her general appreciation of Champagne’s many delights, she is an astute enough appreciator of wine to agree that the venerable marque of Pol Roger produces some of the best wines out there.  I was reminded of this last night when enjoying a bottle of the relatively humble Non Vintage. Encapsulating the house style, it offers complex and richly fruited drinking with freshly baked bread, citrus fruits, crisp apple, subtle strawberry and hints of summer flowers.  Perfectly poised and lengthy, this is superb stuff for an ‘entry level’ wine and even at the sadly rather expensive prices of top Champagne, offers remarkably good value.
The NV Brut is readily available and perfectly drinkable no matter what the time of the day and whilst Jane will no doubt still prefer a strong pot of English Breakfast, I have always felt you could do a lot worse than to emulate the impressively civilized Winston Churchill and start each day with a bottle of Pol Roger.

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