2011 Doctors Flat Pinot Noir

By | 04/05/2013

Steve Davies makes one of Central’s loveliest pinots. Never overblown, he manages to keep the fruit in the red spectrum; cherry, raspberry and red plum without ever veering into the dark, super extracted end of things.
I tasted the 2011 Doctors Flat Pinot Noir blind along with a number of other pinots over the weekend.¬† When the bottles were unmasked, I went back for a second taste, then another. It was the wine I wanted to keep drinking and soon found myself engaged in a battle with JR for the rest of the bottle. As we rarely drink a whole bottle it was quite a surprise to find that all too soon, this one was empty. I think that’s a pretty good recommendation.

2011 Doctors Flat Pinot Noir  $46.00
Lovely lifted aromatics; red cherry, raspberry and a touch of violet too. There is oak but it seems pretty subtle even at this youthful stage. Freshness and perfume on the nose – a character I like in the CO 2011s I’ve tasted – gives a perfumed lifted quality. Ripe, with an undertow of savoury, almost meaty complexity. Tannins are well judged, building across the palate and giving a long sustained finish. Impressive. For the medium term but actually delicious right now.

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