Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago

By | 08/08/2013

This week Emma and I spent a few days in Central Otago as guests of the AWCO group, Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago. At one point it looked like the best laid travel plans would go pear shaped but thanks to the Air New Zealand lady who managed to persuade the crew on the flight to Queenstown to wait for Emma whose plane from Taupo was delayed, we arrived in time for welcome drinks and a chance to catch up with the group before the visit started in earnest.
Although Sue Thompson (TOSQ Vineyards) claimed to be a novice at organising itineraries, she couldn’t have done a better job. The first day was spent visiting vineyards and the second tasting wines in peace and quiet.
Tasting notes to follow.

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