Must try harder

Given the choice and budget, most of her friends prefer to buy one of the hard seltzers such as White Rhino instead of wine. However whilst tidying up some magazines and press releases she read out a tasting note for a newly released wine and was incredulous that a paragraph of flowery prose seemed to be the only information offered to entice a consumer to purchase.

Fromm : 2015 Pinot Noir

There can’t have been a single delegate at Pinot17 who wasn’t charmed by Hatsch Kalberer’s gentle speech praising Central Otago’s wines and its winemakers. But though he mentioned being envious of his more southerly brethren, surely there is no better advocate for Marlborough than this talented Swiss born winemaker who has steered the ship at Fromm for over 25 years.

Central Muster

“Don’t worry, they won’t ask many questions” said Natalie Potts, NZ Winegrowers Asia Marketing Manager. I was in Beijing teaching NZW wine education courses and was getting used to students who focussed intently on learning but whom were quite shy about speaking up. So I was taken aback when one sommelier asked me to rank…

TinPot Hut

On a flight to London last month, I sat next to a lady who told me her favourite Sauvignon Blanc was from Marlborough and called Tinpot Hut. (It was a bit embarrassing to admit that I had never heard of it). Fast forward three weeks and I am back in Auckland catching up on my…