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Jenny Dobson Wines

Jenny Dobson is one of New Zealand’s most experienced red winemakers and to date her focus has been firmly on the classic French varieties that seem to do so well in Hawke’s Bay. It is therefore interesting to see her look further afield for inspiration and explore an Italian variety.

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Ferment, July 2010

The news that a Hawke’s Bay winery has gone into receivership with debts of $20 million came as a surprise. It was no surprise that the winery found itself unable to continue in the current economic climate because that has happened to a number of businesses and not just wineries. But I was amazed that…

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Ferment, November 2009

Emboldened by my super smooth flight to Blenheim in September, I accepted an invitation from Wine Marlborough to be part of the Wine Weekend and dutifully packed my bags for a weekend of fun. I left Auckland in brilliant sunshine and flew the first leg to Wellington marvelling at NZ’s stunning landscape NZ. Unfortunately I…

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Felton Road Retrospective

Let me begin with a disclaimer. This is indeed a flattering review typed after an enjoyable lunch. Oh dear.But having tasted such a stellar line-up of Felton Road’s latest releases (plus some gems from the cellar), I would have to have had no sense of taste at all or be curmudgeonly in the extreme not…

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Ferment, May 2009

Whilst many release notes proudly proclaim that the wine in question will‘if carefully cellared, continue to develop and evolve’,one of our gripes is that wineries rarely show older vintages to back up their claims. So hats off to Wither Hills for sending out a trio of wines to celebrate a decade of making Pinot Noir.…

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Kumeu River 2007 New Releases

Kumeu River winery invites wine writers to taste its latest releases each November and the tasting and accompanying lunch is a highly sought after ticket. It is an opportunity not to be missed as I discovered, not just for the chance to taste through one of NZ’s best winery’s offerings but also to enjoy Melba…

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Ferment, February 2009

In the last couple of months I’ve opened countless bottles of wine, mainly for friends and family. Mindful of the glorious weather, the demand hasn’t been for complex, interesting older bottles but for fruity, fresh New Zealand whites, which we’ve drunk outside on the deck, by the beach or over dinner.  And without fail there…

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