Masters of Wine Trip 2019

Amongst the many things that seem like a lifetime ago in the current crazy times, the Masters of Wine Trip to New Zealand in February 2019 feels like it was from a different world…one where people could simply fly across the globe, mingle, taste wines and eat food together. Remember those heady days?

Thanks to the wonderful support of producers the length of the New Zealand, 40 Masters of Wine from 13 countries were able to experience the New Zealand wine that those of us who live here know and love. It was a privilege and pleasure to host such an enthusiastic group of our peers, and it’s testament to the fantastic places we visited and wines we tasted that nine days and several hundred wines later, we were all still smiling at the end. Or in the inimitable words of one of the attendees:

“There have been more lavish trips. There have been more luxurious trips. There have been shorter trips and longer trips. There have been trips with less farting and bus drivers with slightly more interesting delivery.  But I don’t think there has ever been a better trip.” 

Please enjoy the full trip report here:

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