Pleasures old and new – 2014 Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay

As someone who cannot resist adding yet another book to already teetering piles, the creeping fear of needing to live to 500 to read them all is very real. The pleasure then of rereading a favourite book is an infrequent one, but when it occurs it is a very real pleasure indeed. It reminds me in many ways of drinking a favourite wine – the comfort of familiarity alongside the discovery of new and enjoyable facets. 

I’ve been buying Felton Road Chardonnay for quite sometime. You don’t need me to tell you that they make very good (and occasionally great) wine but their chardonnays have always been my favourite. I like the elegance, the balance, the freshness and the savoury poise. I’m heartened that chardonnay plantings are on the rise in Central Otago, and excited by what’s to come from the grape in this region. 

The 2014 Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay ($43 for the current release) is as fresh as a daisy. Subtle roasted cashew, lots of lemon pith, green apple with a touch of almond meal and meadow flowers on the nose, it’s vital and pretty with an attractive savoury thread. The palate is taut but generous with concentrated rich citrus and white peach/nectarine, a long seamless palate with a saline burst of acidity on the finish. It’s super delicious drinking now though gives the impression it’ll develop happily for quite a few more years. Pretty smart stuff considering this is the basic chardonnay of the Felton Road stable, and a wine I’m all too happy to keep revisiting. 

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